Analog stuff. Ink, oil pastels, pencil, collage on paper.

Analog stuff. Ink, watercolors, oil pastels, pencil, collage on paper.

A bunch of weird animals. I often try to use new techniques while maintaining my usual way of constructing characters or environments, to see how different tools or restrictions influence the overall feel or style of an illustration. I find this a great way of expanding and exploring my own style without it

Had a lot of fun animating this. Made with Photoshop and After Effects.

Quite bumpy walk cycle made in After Effects. There is a great tutorial by Tony Babel on YouTube, it's incredibly insightful and well explained if you're looking to get into shape layers and path animation.

Quick and dirty frame by frame thing in Photoshop.  

First try of animating stuff in After Effects. Was really close to throwing my laptop out of the window that evening.